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TR50 HDR50 HDR68 HDP Rear Air Tank Buttstock Adapter

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SKU: 05A41
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  • $49.95

This air tank new adapter offers an easy and efficient solution for integrating an air tank and buttstock into your setup. With just the adapter and a compressed air bottle, you can seamlessly connect the air tank and buttstock, enhancing your shooting experience. Additionally, the adapter is versatile, allowing you to use an 88g cylinder as an alternative power source with this 88g Adapter. This high-quality and durable adapter is a must-have for all shooting enthusiasts looking to optimize their gun's performance.

Compatible To:
T4E TR50
T4E HDR 50
T4E HDR 68

Made in Germany
NOTE: By installing this kit to your gun, your factory warranty on your gun will be voided.

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