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UMP Folding Buttstock (A5)

SKU: 17E0200-012236
UPC: 844596073051
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This UMP Folding butt stock has many features that different from other folding stock. First is the attachment adapter that attaches to the your marker is of aircraft aluminum, meaning it will last and will not break on you. Second is this adapter is interchangeable with other adapters, and will let you turn your stock in an air through and let you attaches a remote line right at the stock. This UMP Folding butt stock is rock solid, It has the same quality and durability as real firearms. Made to out last your paintball marker.

Key features:
- Right side folding stock
- Interchangeable adapter
- Ergonomic
- Easy to install

Compatibility Makers:
- Tacamo Vortex
- Tacamo MK5
- Tippmann A5

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