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UMP Magazine With Expansion Chamber for Classic A5

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Create a truly unique look for your Tippmann A5 with the UMP Magazine With Expansion Chamber for Tippmann A5! Patterned from the magazine used in the UMP—that’s the .45acp big brother to the MP5—this expansion chamber magazine for your paintball marker conceals a four chamber expansion chamber in the magazine body...

  ...and features two different methods of interfacing with your air supply: via a remote line quick disconnect, or a hose running to your bottomline ASA. With the remote line quick disconnect, you can hook your remote coil directly into the magazine, and then feed your CO2 through the expansion chamber to help regulate input pressure and thus stabilize your velocities (which improves accuracy!). With a line running to your bottomline ASA, you can use your CO2 or HPA tank in the bottomline ASA that’s already attached to your grip.

 The included magwell fastens securely around your vertical ASA, and is designed to replicate the look and feel of a UMP magwell for maximum realism.

*This magazine kit will fit Tippmann A5 markers that were sold prior to 2011

*If you purchased your Tippmann A5 during or after 2011, you will need the NEW version*

Key Features Include:
- All Metal Construction
- Replicates the UMP mag and magwell
- Includes 4-stage expansion chamber
- Helps stabilize velocity for improved accuracy
- Durable construction for long service life
- Can interface with bottomline ASA or remote line!

Use 6 Inch Steel Braided CO2 Hose to connect to your ASA


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