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Universal Low Ride Leg Holster Platform

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SKU: 13A11-810093330187
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Universal Leg Holster Platform with single thigh strap for comfort. Field ready with any belt size for quick and easy operation.

Made of military polymer material, easy to clean and maintain,

Ambidextrous, this leg holster platform can be used with left hand or right holster

Compatible With These Holster Models:
Holster For Glock, Sig Sauer, SW and More : https://mcsus.com/products/universal-hoslter

Holster HDR 68 https://mcsus.com/products/hdr68-revolver-holster-flashlight-laser-compatible-left-right-hand

Holster FSC/TCP https://mcsus.com/products/fsc-paintball-pistol-hoslter

Holster TR50 HDR50 Holster https://mcsus.com/products/tr50-hdr50-holster-flashlight-laser-compatile-left-right-hand

Holster For TIPX TPX TPR SALT Sabre https://mcsus.com/products/univeral-holster-for-tipx-tpx-tcp-salt-pistol

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