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Emergency/Home Defense CO2 Buttstock Kit For 88g and 90g Cylinder

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Universal design - compatible with all paintball guns (468, TI5, Milsig, Maxtact, RAP4, Tacamo).  This setup lets you use 88g or 90g cylinder when you don't have access to refill your air tank or can't fill your own tank.

The 88g or 90g disposable co2 cylinders are easily accessible, you can get them at sporting goods shop or at Walmart.  It also has a good shot count per cylinder, depending on the paintball gun, each cylinder can shoot from 80 to 150 shots.

If you are using a paintball gun for home defense or want to store your paintball gun for emergency use, this setup will let you do just that. This is because the cylinders have a seal which air will not be activated until the cylinder is punctured.

Key Features:
- Easy to use
- Store away for a long period
- Ready for emergency use
- Universal compatible with all  markers with rear air

Package Comes with:
1 x Buttstock12A33-23602
1 x Adapter, 04A43-23112
Optional 88g co2 cylinder can be added to your kit

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