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PBG Customs Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 / MCS100 EMF100 GMEK Whisper Valve Drive Bolt

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Enhance your marker for increased firepower and quieter operation. Boost your shots per tank and ensure a gentler impact on paint by functioning at lower pressure.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Flow
  • Reduced Operating Pressure
  • Paint-Friendly Performance
  • Improved Shot-to-Shot Consistency
  • Lower Sound Emission
  • Shoot An Extra CF20 Mag+ for EMF 100
  • Anticipate approximately an 8% efficiency increase across the Emek and EMF100 platforms.

You will need to turn the regulator down and re-chrono the marker after installation.
Hand tight only! Be careful not to bend the base of Tri-Prong.

Valve Fits:
Planet Eclipse EMEK 100
Planet Eclipse EMF 100
Planet Eclipse MCS100
Planet Eclipse ETHA2


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