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Tacamo Blizzard Custom DMR Sniper Paintball Gun

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Tacamo Blizzard DMR Sniper  Custom Paintball Gun for long range sniping. This is the assault sniper length rifle for maximum maneuverability under any obstacle and terrain. Built with the best combination accessories to get you ready for all anything, shoots First Strike and Round balls.

The TACAMO Blizzard is built Shaped Projectile and First Strike Round ready with internal flexi-air installed. TACAMO Blizzard Marker is built with the tried-and-true inline blowback internals, like those in the Tippmann 98, Battle Tested BT-4 and the Valken SW-1/Blackhawk. The TACAMO Blizzard is an easily serviceable and modular marker that arrives ready for Modern Combat Sports!

Package comes with:
1 x TACAMO Blizzard
1 x Optional air stock option remote adapter or tank and stock
1 x Handguard https://mcsus.com/products/fusion-ultralight-handguard-key-mod
1 x Scope
1 x Bipod
1 x Gun Case
1 x Nightstrike grip: https://mcsus.com/products/diamondback-angled-foregrip
1 x HELIX Magazine for shooting regular round paintball
1 x DMAG Magazine for First Strike Rounds and Shaped Projectile

Key features:
- Quick and easy maintenance for beginners and as a field rental
- Improved handling, balance, natural point of aim
- Shaped Projectile/FS Round Ready
- Powered by Compressed Air
- Lok-Bolt Anti-chop Upgrade-able
- Standard Tippmann 98 barrel threads are widely compatible
- Compatible with electronic and response trigger frames for the Valken SW-1
- Compatible with the most widely used paintball magazines: DMAG and Helix
- Full-length Picatinny top rail and half-length dovetail rail 
- Shoot .68 Caliber
- Gets you on the field fast and doesn't break the bank!
- 2 Year Warranty
- Made in U.S.A.

 This is a custom gun order

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