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Tacamo Blizzard

The Blizzard is the most simplistic paintball gun in the MCS catalog, representing a magazine fed design inspired by the military maxim: Keep It Super Simple. The Blizzard system uses the tried-and-true inline blowback internals like Tippmann 98, including the legendarily-reliable Tippmann internal design, and retains the ability to upgrade using Tippmann 98 parts and modules. The best feature of the Blizzard is how the trigger frame integrates with the body, providing a robust design that accepts a vast array of upgrades to create a realistic tactical paintball gun with ease and very low cost. The Blizzard is perfect for players who keep a spare, mission-adapted marker on standby for special situations, and for those looking to transition easily into magfed paintball…with a marker that can upgrade, change, and adapt as you advance in the sport.