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Paintball Guns and Markers

Our paintball guns and markers are produced at our headquarters in Gilroy, California. We take pride in what we do and we make it happen right here in U.S.A.


468 Paintball Gun

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Starting with the 468, the most realistic paintball gun ever designed is now available for recreational use. Designed by a leading firearm engineer who served military and law enforcement clients with distinction, the 468 is a highly advanced paintball gun that embodies the features and performance that competitors and force-on-force training instructors demand. The 468 is a magazine-fed, semiautomatic carbine that shoots standard .68 caliber spherical training rounds and paintballs, as well as .68 caliber shaped projectiles. With the fire controls, bolt release, and magazine release, in their familiar orientation, transitioning from a duty weapon to a 468 for training is intuitive…and training with the 468 translates back into real world gun handling and marksmanship skills. Each 468 features the all-mechanical Lok Bolt System to prevent chopping and promote reliability, among other innovative adaptations. The 468’s ability to use milspec accessories and attachments makes it the ideal option for military and law enforcement personnel, and other end users already familiar with M4-pattern firearms and who demand the very height of authenticity from their paintball marker. While the 468 is highly intuitive to those familiar with firearms, and is easy to learn to shoot well, this advanced product is not recommended for new players or players unfamiliar with magfed paintball. More information

468 DMR Bolt Action

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The 468 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is a bolt action adaptation that retains all the strengths and features of the 468, with performance enhancements for taking longer range shots for sniping. The DMR is designed to shoot Shaped Projectile and FS rounds. It can also shoot regular round paintballs too, though its closed bolt design is truly optimized for the performance of Shaped Projectiles and FS rounds—the recommended ammunition for your DMR. For those who require long range accuracy and sustained velocity, who play the sniper role or train as a designated marksman, this is the rifle you need in your arsenal. Topped with a magnified optic for target identification and precision, your DMR will eliminate them long before they can identify and eliminate you.

Tacamo Bolt

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The Tacamo Bolt extremely user-friendly Bolt is designed for players new to paintball, and those transitioning from regular paintball to magfed. Designed to offer ease of use, ease of operation, and a very straightforward user experience, the Bolt is easy to upgrade as your skills increase and your needs evolve. The Bolt has nearly endless potential to upgrade into your favorite, mission-adapted marker, including the much-desired removable trigger frame and the ability to install an extendable stock that securely houses a concealed air or CO2 canister. The Bolt succeeds in its mission of serving new players, being flexible, and remaining easily upgradeable throughout your years of playing.

Tacamo Blizzard

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The Tacamo Blizzard is the most simplistic paintball gun in the MCS catalog, representing a magazine fed design inspired by the military maxim: Keep It Super Simple. The Blizzard system uses the tried-and-true inline blowback internals like Tippmann 98, including the legendarily-reliable Tippmann internal design, and retains the ability to upgrade using Tippmann 98 parts and modules. The best feature of the Blizzard is how the trigger frame integrates with the body, providing a robust design that accepts a vast array of upgrades to create a realistic tactical paintball gun with ease and very low cost. The Blizzard is perfect for players who keep a spare, mission-adapted marker on standby for special situations, and for those looking to transition easily into magfed paintball…with a marker that can upgrade, change, and adapt as you advance in the sport.

Tacamo Vortex

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The Tacamo Vortex is a magfed paintball marker specifically designed to offer the very height of modularity, so you can create a completely difference look and user experience with different body shrouds. Build your Vortex into a recreation of the famous G36 battle rifle, or a UMP carbine, a universal submachine gun, even an AK47-pattern marker. Each body kit gives it a completely different look, helping you adapt to perfectly fill different roles and meet various tactical challenges. This innovative system take Tippmann A5 parts and internals, and cleverly retains the ability to upgrade using Tippmann A5 parts and modules.

Tacamo Storm

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The Tacamo Storm is designed as a mid-entry-level magfed paintball marker for players who are new to our sport or already playing paintball and wish to transition to magfed. The Storm arrives fully configured and ready for action, making it ideal for a wide range of players…especially those who plan to upgrade later, but need a fully functional magfed marker now. The Storm arrives fully loaded, with our internal Flexi-Air system that cleverly conceals the air service line inside the marker. With an air-in-stock option installed at our manufacturing facility, your Storm can arrive needing no further upgrade at all…while retaining the ability to accept a host of accessories later as your needs evolve.

Tacamo Hurricane

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The Tacamo Hurricane is designed to transition speedball and tournament paintball players into our magfed community, and provide heavy gunners with the cyclic rate they require to suppress the opposing forces. This system offers our fastest rate of fire, and is extremely robust for surviving hard use and abuse in our tactical environment. By fully utilizing Tippmann Phenom internal components and accessory modules, the Hurricane incorporates a fast-charging spool valve system into the highest-performing marker in the MCS catalog. The Hurricane retains the ability to accept many Tippmann parts and accessories, along with the milspec optics and RIS accessories that military operators rely upon.